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Monday, November 24, 2003
  I'm an elementary ed student For a 5th grade class, I did a project involving learning centers; I like to call them activity centers. It was about the economic forces that had caused so many companies to leave their town, Muncie, and build new factories in Mexico. The main idea was to impress upon them that they won't be able to waltz into a well-paying factory job like their Uncle Joe did years ago. The jobs worth having all require higher education. I used three newspaper articles, a video that talked about NAFTA, which included the presidential debate with Ross Perot, George Bush, Senior, and Bill Clinton. I also used the two computers in class to bring up a few pages from the children's section of the BBC web site, Newsround. This is a fairly boisterous bunch. I discovered that when they're in small groups, some of them are even more talkative and less on task.So after each group had been to three centers, that was enough. On the upside, some of them began to get an inkling of why they see so many empty buildings in their city. And that college could be the way to go for them. Though, of course, this message would need to be repeated by their teachers all the way through school.
And If you have some suggestions for classroom management, I would appreciate your thoughts.
I’m an elementary ed student. I did a 5th grade project with learning centers. It was about NAFTA and why so many companies have left Muncie and moved their factories to Mexico. The idea was to impress upon them that they won’t be able to get a well-paying job like their Uncle Joe. Good jobs will require higher education. The class was noisy to way noisy. On the upside, some of them began to understand why they see so many empty buildings and that college could be a good thing for them.

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